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Congratulations to our winners!

What a week it has been here in Mexico! Not only did our tour riders get to participate in a world-class international competition, there was also plenty of spectacular sightseeing opportunities on offer.

Our GAT Amateur champions:

GAT Amateur championship:

1st: Marco Beteta - Lincon Z

2nd: Valeria Santos - Santa Rosa Bella

3rd: Alvaro Becker - Casandro BS

Best placed foreign rider: Gemma Alexandra and Huatabumpo - Australia

GAT Mexico Children’s championship:

1st: Daniela Lopez - Romina LS

2nd: Emilia Ponce - Tequila

3rd: Raul Lopez - Damaco de la Nutria

Best placed foreign rider: Lyla Ferrari

Masters Low championship:

🥇Carlos Gonzalez - Champion Star Z

🥈Melissa Tripe - Mezcal

🥉Carlos Gonzalez - Boomerang BJZ

🏆 Best placed foreign rider: Melissa Tripe and Mezcal

Masters High championship:

🥇Katrin Redetzki - Rafaela LS Elite

🥈Juan Manual Riego - Latalie H

🥉Andre Gonzalez - Maunganui

🏆Best placed foreign rider Janine Kirkbeck and Berlin - New Zealand

An extra special shout-out must go to our winner Katrin who is the reason this whole event was founded after deciding some years ago that there should be championships for all ages in our sport!

Katrin take a bow, because you one of the fiercest competitors we know! 🙅‍♀️

Our 2024 GAT Mexico is going to be even bigger with an additional Children’s 1m category! These tours sell out months in advance so head to the application page in our events section to apply!

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