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GAT Germany 2024 Underway

Our crew of riders from around the world have landed in Germany for the next leg of the Global Amateur Tour. Everyone has settled in well to our amazing home away from home here in Großsteinhausen and got to experience the fantastic training facilities at Hauter Horses.

Welcome to our great lineup of riders.

  • Tina Wallace - England

  • Paulina Vallejo -  Mexico

  • Olivia Williams - Australia  

  • Sophia Hitzbleck - Germany   

  • Molly Meek - USA  

  • Jess Paul - New Zealand  

  • Ana Paula Ledesma Guillén - Mexico  

  • Lindsay Gratz - USA  

  • Josie Greer - New Zealand  

  • Ana Sophia Jimenez Acosta - Mexico  

  • Ali Walker Schacht - USA  

Our riders will receive daily training from International Showjumpers, GAT Co-Founder Lucy Olphert, and 5 x German Nations Cup Team Member Steffen Hauter. The riders will have the opportunity to explore this historic country as well as the chance to spectate at CHIO Aachen, the biggest equestrian festival in the world!!

Day one of training had the riders cranking out some super flat and pole work sessions focusing on striding and adjustability. We have been blown away by the quality of horses here at Hauter Horses GmbH  Might have to bring a few home with us!! Day two focussed on strength work.

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