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Global Amateur Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for these tours?

Riders of any age, level and country may apply. There is something for everyone!

Do you bring your own horse on these tours?

You are most welcome to, but in short not doing so is the tour’s main point of difference. For all our tours we supply quality, purpose bred horses, giving riders the remarkable opportunity to train and compete internationally without the hassle or expense of bringing your own horse. 

What types of tours do you offer?

We currently offer the following types of tours:

  • GAT Training: The training tours (like France and Germany) do not typically involve an official show and are more geared up to focus on daily training with elite coaches, which often also involves riding different horses over the week, as well as informative seminars, physical and mental preparation for the riders, fantastic sightseeing opportunities and the chance to spectate at a major international show like CHIO Aachen.  These training tours are available for all ages and levels.  

  • GAT Competition: The GAT competition tours like Brazil and Mexico generally run in conjunction with a CSI International show and require a minimum level of 1.10m, sometimes 1.20m plus if it is a big show like the São Paulo 5*. These events typically involve several days trialing and getting to know your horse then several days competing with some downtime in between to sightsee and explore these amazing destinations!  

Global Amateur Tour France - Tina Wallace
GAT Ambassador Tina Wallace in France with tour coaches Michel Ismalun, Lucy Olphert and Jamie Campbell.

How do I know which tour is right for me?

The application and selection criteria for the tours depends on what age and stage you are at in your  riding career. For example, the competition tours generally require a minimum showjumping level of 1.10m and have specific categories depending on age, where as the training tours are for all levels and ages 

What language are the classes taught in?

All tours have English speaking coaches however we also have native speakers in each tour location, so it is also possible to receive your lessons in this language if you prefer.

What kind of sightseeing can one expect on a tour?

The sightseeing opportunities all depend on the location of each tour. For example in France, we offer a day tour to Paris, Euro Disney, the magnificent Palace of Versailles (Olympic venue for the 2024 Equestrian disciplines), the city of Rouen and the chance to spectate at the LGCT Paris and Chantilly International!

I’m interested in your 2025 tours. When is the latest date to apply?

There is no such closure date however the tours generally sell out up to 12 months in advance, so if you don’t want to miss out we advise getting your application in as early as possible.

How do I apply?

All the tours are listed on the Global Amateur Tour website 

For all tours you will need to fill out an application form and submit an unedited riding video along with contact details for two referees which is located under each tour on the website. If applying for a training tour, your video does not need to be from competition.

Global Amateur Tour locations 2025

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