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About the Tour

When we said we had big plans for GAT we weren't kidding. 


GAT is back in 2023 bigger and better than ever before. We are proud to announce that the first leg will be in Morocco in April, followed by Argentina in May, Mexico in June, France in July, Brazil in August and back to Morocco in October.  If horse riding in exciting and exotic destinations sounds like your kind of thing, then get in touch with the GAT team to discuss the application process.

Stay tuned or get in touch with us for more info.

Check out our upcoming 2024 dates and locations so far HERE. 

"Having the opportunity to compete in the Mexico leg of the Global Amateur Tour was a fantastic experience. I had a great horse, the course and competition were fantastic. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and a beautiful country."

- Susie McLeod, New Zealand

2023 is ready to kick off - 1st leg Morocco April 2023

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